Lets Do This!

Property Taxes

Rapidly increasing property taxes used to fund failing schools is an unsustainable model.  We owe it to parents, students, teachers, and taxpayers to end this cycle.

Fiscal Responsibility

The Atlanta Public Schools' budget is bloated.  Too much money is being diverted from students and teachers in order to fund high paying Central Office staff.  

Bullying Awareness

Students must be in a safe and welcoming environment for learning to take place.  Bullying against racial minorities, LGBT persons, the economically disadvantaged, or any other group must be dealt with swiftly.


Results and financial accountability are the keys to success in any organization.  We will bring a fair and decisive approach to holding those in leadership positions accountable for the quality and cost of the education your children receive.   


A high quality education system is paramount in combatting poverty, attracting new businesses, reducing crime, and improving the quality of life for society as a whole.  We must stand up and demand that APS provide the highest quality of education possible, while spending taxpayer dollars wisely.  

Student and Parent Support

Students and parents across APS have unique and tough challenges.  As a teacher, I learned that recognizing and empathizing with these individual circumstances was key to overcoming obstacles in the classroom and at home.