Why We Support Charlie


"I met Charlie when he first moved to Atlanta to become a school teacher.  Charlie initiated a conversation about how he could help to foster a welcoming classroom for LGBT students.  Our conversation expanded to equality for trans people, equality for LGBTQ people, and equality for all minority groups in our country.   Charlie told me that equality could only be accomplished through a high quality of education for ALL people.  

I am supporting Charlie because he will fight for a high quality of education for ALL children.  He will support ALL children in this effort by ensuring a safe environment, inclusive teachers and administrators, and innovative courses and teaching methods.   

Charlie has the experience, the drive, and the compassion needed to help APS realize these goals for ALL students."

--Shelley Emerson

"As a parent and Atlanta taxpayer who has known Charlie since our time volunteering together on the AID Atlanta Board of Directors, I am excited to endorse and support his candidacy.  Charlie is committed to making sure that our children receive a high quality education with an effective use of our tax dollars."

--Jasmine Grant

"I trust Charlie to challenge the status quo to improve the quality of public education in Atlanta, and to promote the efficient use of resources by APS."

--John VanVlack


"I support Charlie because he understands the challenges of the APS system and is willing to fight for our children to ensure all students have similar resources regardless of district.

With the amount of taxes that are appropriated for each student, there is no reason why we do not have a world-class education system.

I am 100% confident that Charlie has the experience, passion, and commitment to improve the quality of APS, while looking out for my tax dollars."

--Brian Hibler

"Charles is a passionate, hard-working advocate who puts his all into whatever he seeks to accomplish. His background in both education and health policy make him an ideal candidate to effectively advocate for the students of Atlanta's School System. That experience, coupled with his relentless drive will make him a strong asset to the School Board."  

--David Amen, Esq.

"Charlie brings positive energy and a fresh perspective." 

--Kevin Bahr, Esq.

" When Charlie is passionate about something, he is unstoppable. He is passionate about quality education for every child and about the schools’ responsibility to protect children from bullying. Children could have no better advocate on the Atlanta School Board than Charlie."--Tracy Elliott

 "I've known Charlie since 2008. He's well-educated, believes in education, and is ready to serve!"--Eric Eason, MD